Chike Ukaegbu | Testimonials
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Founded by Chike Ukaegbu, Startup52 strives to advance diversity in the technology sector by providing professional guidance and experienced mentors to founders of all ages, backgrounds, and genders, working to ensure that women, veterans, people of color, immigrants, persons with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community are better represented in this critical industry… I applaud Startup52 staff and supporters for their efforts to foster business development and empower entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. Together, we are forging a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

– NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio

“Your objectives focus on diversity and multidisciplinary working –  both aspects are important to us in Birmingham.”

– Dr Steve Harding, Director, Institute for Creative Innovation, Birmingham City University, UK

Mr Ukaegbu makes his training sessions so incredibly special and inimitable. His expertise is the reason for the success of his trainings and the positive impact it has on its participant. There is absolutely no substitute for his amazing work because of its substantial impact on its participants and economics of this country. I do not know any other individuals with such extraordinary experience who could execute his programming and have the same effects, as he is certainly above other teachers in this field. The impact he brought myself and other participants are immeasurable.

– Christina Moawad, Whitaker International Fellow and former participant

Mr Ukaegbu has taken his organizational mission into schools, colleges, communities and at present is working on a collaborative model with us that will build the capacity of local churches and community organizations large and small to address issues of poverty, education and unemployment through potential businesses and tech startups. Chike has proven himself to be an asset of substantial value to family, church, community and city. I fully endorse him.

– Rev Mark L. Williams, Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc.

Chike’s exceptional ability in his field of business, specifically focused on empowering founders from untapped communities sets him apart from his peers as a sought after expert both by government officials (as demonstrated by his invitation to the White House, Albany and recognition by the Mayor); for conferences (for his uncommon knowledge on effectively empowering under-represented communities) focused on figuring out ways to improve diversity in entrepreneurial, tech and innovation ecosystems; by the press (for commentaries and interviews related to effectively increasing diversity in tech); in academia (teaching/incorporating entrepreneurship as part of the student’s educational experience to spur economic wealth); and internationally (by governments, corporations and academia from different parts of the world) coming to learn the Startup52 model of inclusive diversity.
As the Dean of the Grove School of Engineering, I am very proud to have an alumni whose work transcends race, gender, religion, sexuality and all other barriers that create disparities in our communities, but instead has developed highly replicable models and strategies to empower communities economically and otherwise.

– Gilda Barabino, Dean, Grove School of Engineering, CCNY

Chike’s work via Startup52 and Re:LIFE is so important. When you level the playing field for everybody and give people, regardless of their ethnicity, a chance at the American Dream, our country becomes better and remains innovative. There are many accelerators in New York City, but none of which specifically cater to minorities or the underrepresented, a group that are sorely missing in the field of technology.

– Kachi Nwaobasi, Founder/CEO, Mask

Chike’s goal to empower untapped communities and trigger economic development by introducing audiences to the rigor and benefits of entrepreneurship, while teaching them to give back to their communities is a model worth emulating and supporting in communities that historically lack the infrastructure and opportunities for creating jobs and wealth, so necessary today. Observing the impact of Chike’s entrepreneurial initiatives on the potential social and economic advancement for the individuals and the communities, I am encouraged and optimistic for the future. He has exemplified himself as an innovator and visionary, recognizing and addressing a critical need in launching the first diversity focused startup suite in the Northeast. This is the kind of leadership that is needed across underserved communities across the US.

– Fritz-Earle McLymont, Managing Director, National Minority Business Council, Inc.

Mr Ukaegbu has a unique talent in relating to young people and infusing them with the characteristics of self-responsibility, self-empowerment, and hard work – tenets of who we are as Americans. Mr. Ukaegbu not only encourages people to identify their passion and to work tirelessly to see their dreams come to fruition, but also gives them the tools to do so. He is certainly giving people the tools to be self-sustainable and create a legacy of economic empowerment that is multi-generational. While Mr. Ukaegbu’s work has an impact on all that seek his services, he puts a special emphasis on those that are socioeconomic disadvantaged and underrepresented minorities.
Mr Ukaegbu’s contribution is significant in three ways. First, his efforts have, and continue to significantly improve economic viability of communities across the country through the development of new business. Second, his proven system targeting disengaged youth has supported a decrease in crime, incarceration and increased the country’s status in economic sustainability and technological innovation. Lastly, Mr Ukaegbu’s efforts have undoubtedly improved education and training programs to encourage youth and marginalized students to re-enter the workforce or return to school.

– Lola A. Brown, PhD, Assistant Dean for Research, Weill Cornell Medicine