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Facilitating better access to resources that empowers a new generation of entrepreneurs and leaders

My name is Chike Ukaegbu. I am a diversity and inclusion advocate who specializes in building #DIETs (Diverse, Inclusive, and Engaged Teams).


I create and support effective ecosystems for invisible, untapped and under-tapped communities. I also help people and corporations increase, design, launch and build #DIETs. My #BuildYourDIET e-course, along with other diversity-focused programs and consulting services are designed to help you do the same.


I speak at schools, corporations, conferences, summits, leadership events, to foreign governments and more, on inclusive diversity and other topics. 


Let’s work together.

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Let’s work together to increase diversity, inclusion and engagement on your team, or to build your Diverse, Inclusive and Engaged Tribe. Take the #BuildYourDiet e-Course  to LEARN HOW I launched NYC’S FIRST DIVERSITY-FOCUSED TECH ACCELERATOR and how you can build your inclusive ecosystem.

Natalia Oberti-Noguera, founder Pipeline Angels

Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management & Gilda Barabino, Dean, CCNY Grove School of Engineering

Minerva Tantoco, former CTO, New York City 


Forty Under40 Honoree
BE Modern Man of Distinction
Patron of Progress
Pitch-Distilled National Judge
National Interest Waiver Award
Innovator Award Finalist
UN Most Influential People of African Descent
Selected delegate to China and Zambia
Top African Trailblazer in The Diaspora
NYC Rising Star
20 Inspiring African Americans Impacting The World
Ten Nigerian-Americans Impacting Tech



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