Chike Ukaegbu | Former Candidate for President of Nigeria
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With Nigerians locked down without a comprehensive stimulus plan by the government for its citizens, more than 40 million people are left unemployed and 100 million people uncertain about their next meal.


In light of this dire situation, 2019 presidential candidate of Nigeria, Chike Ukaegbu, has partnered with LearnFactory Foundation Nigeria, Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman, and GERROUT! African Cultural Entertainment to launch the #Fight4OurLives Initiative.


The #FightForOurLives Initiative is inspired by the need to provide nourishment for families, financial assistance to small businesses, and innovation towards Afro-centric solutions to mitigate the impact of the virus.


For Individuals & Social Impact Businesses

The #F4OL Weekly Raffle is a small stipend to help individuals and social impact businesses take care of small needs. It will run in two parts:
1. The 5K to individuals and families.
2. 10K to Essential Workers and/or small businesses positively impacting their communities.
WINNERS will be announced on IG LIVE! So follow us on social media to stay updated.


Participation Rules

The #F4OL competition is to encourage Nigerians to think and present viable innovative ideas to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on our people. There are no limitations to the problems you can solve, from social awareness, to delivery of essential goods and services and logistics, to data collection and monitoring of affected areas, detection, prevention, mental health, education, and more.
In other words, if you can identify a problem you, your community, or the nation at large is currently experiencing, and you have viable and scalable solutions to these problems, we want to hear them.
We will judge all applications based on four criteria: Originality, Viability, Scalability, AND Affordability.
So fill out the form below and stay connected with us on social media for announcements.




Donors & Partners

In order to help us reach as many families as possible, we are asking Nigerians in the diaspora, national and international corporations/organizations, and other kind-hearted people to join us in this fight.
You DO NOT have to send us your donation. All we are asking for are pledges and commitments. Donors can choose to remit cash award directly to award recipients via the free ‘SENDWAVE’ app. Alternatively, donations can also be sent to us for remittance.
Additionally, we will work with one partner from each geopolitical region in Nigeria actively providing food and/or shelter to vulnerable populations.
As a show of gratitude, all partners (donors and organizations) will be mentioned at at least one of the LIVE sessions, as well as listed on this website, unless partner chooses to remain anonymous.

*US based donor partners who choose to can obtain tax exempt letters for donations over $100. All donors seeking tax exempt letter will have to send donations through our partner nonprofit organization*.