Chike Ukaegbu | CAMPAIGN
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Facilitating an innovation driven Nigeria, powered by proud citizens with equal access to love, peace, happiness, security and lasting prosperity. On a mission to feed our people, engage proactively in investing their wellbeing, ideas and future, and solidifying a framework for short, medium, and long term economic development.

My name is Chike Ukaegbu and I am running for President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have spent the last decade of my life, empowering untapped and disconnected communities through Technology, Education and Entrepreneurship.

I know what it means to be Nigerian – brilliant, resilient, resourceful. These three qualities among others, have been the most consistent ones I have encountered with every Nigerian that I have known or met. However, being a Nigerian at home also often means fewer opportunities to succeed and an overwhelming lack of access. I have had the privilege of great opportunities and unimaginable access in my life, and I believe every Nigerian deserves that.

I am thus eager to fight for and with all Nigerians to move our beloved Nation into its prosperous future, where everyone can freely and truly pursue success.

Greatness is born of vision; of seeing the invisible and making it a reality. Nigeria needs a visionary leader now more than ever. This is our time and I am the right choice to lead our nation.

Every Nigerian deserves the opportunity to enjoy a higher quality of life, of security, the wealth, success and greatness that Nigeria represents. However, we need the right compassionate leaders with the vision, strategy and wherewithal to lead us into that future.

Hence, because we are stronger together, let us no longer waste anymore time gambling our futures and those of our children. Now is our time and Now is the time for us to arise and elect the right leaders for our Nation.

Join us as we journey together to a more prosperous Nigeria.


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